Permanent Mold

Permanent Mold Cast


Aluminum Permanent Mold Casting is an exceptional process when strength, cosmetic and dimensional accuracy are critical. Stronger than its sand counter-part and with a smoother surface finish, many customers have converted iron and steel castings to the lighter aluminum permanent mold casting.

Each Step of our manufacturing process is carefully monitored and controlled to guarantee your specifications are met. We use the latest technology to check the chemistry of our metal from start to finish. Computers are used extensively throughout the foundry for operations, controlling everything from moisture in the mold-sand to metal quality requirements to regulating die temperatures. Real time x-ray, die penetration analysis and mechanical property testing are performed regularly to ensure we are meeting your requirements.

Slides & Cores

Slides, cores and metal inserts are all within the expertise of LeClaire Manufacturing. Our design engineers review your casting design and offer cost saving suggestions at the quoting stage of the project. Often times our casting experience allows us to suggest a slide where it was designed for a core to reduce labor costs, or suggest ways reduce casting weights while maintaining structural integrity which saves on metal expenses.

Solidification Modeling

When investing in a permanent mold you want to make sure before the mold is made that the casting produced will be what is expected. Our solidification modeling allows us to modify permanent mold casting designs before the mold is made, saving costs and making sure you receive your castings when expected.

Metals Poured

Selecting the correct aluminum alloy for your casting is a critical aspect to the part. LeClaire pours many metals depending on our customer’s specific needs. Our aluminum alloy expertise results from our 55 year history of pouring 200, 300, 500 and 700 series aluminum alloys. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs, and let LeClaire Manufacturing be your aluminum alloy expert.

Heat Treat

There is no room for error in heat treating. Accurate control gives us predictable results. Our heat treat systems include a system that shortens the hardening process by hours while maintaining the same excellent results.

Mechanical Properties

Meeting our customer’s mechanical property requirements is critical to our customer’s parts, and ultimately LeClaire Manufacturing’s success. Our in process mechanical property testing coupled with our alloying and heat treating practices ensure our customer’s requirements are met. Call us today to discuss your specific project’s requirements; achieving the desired mechanical properties is done by a combination of alloying process controls and heat treat to meet or exceed your requirements.


Utilizing tilt permanent mold machines equipped with tilt time regulators and thermo-couplers to ensure optimal metal and die temperature are maintained; our permanent mold machines ensure that our process is predictable and repeatable.

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