Permanent Mold

Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting provides higher aluminum casting properties than permanent mold aluminum castings counterpart, sand castings.  Permanent mold castings also offer higher mechanical properties when compared to other casting methods of aluminum casting.  Aluminum permanent mold castings also offer a smoother surface finish on the aluminum casting due to the smooth metal finish of the mold itself.  Often referred to as tilt pour aluminum casting, or gravity tilt pour aluminum casting, permanent mold castings can provide cost benefits as well if a slide from the mold can eliminate a core in the aluminum casting.  LeClaire will offer guidance on the most cost efficient method to produce your aluminum casting.

At LeClaire Manufacturing, we utilize the latest technology in our automated tilt permanent mold machines equipped with tilt time regulators and strategically located and computer monitored thermo-couplers to ensure optimal metal and die temperature is reached; our permanent mold controls ensure that our process is predictable and repeatable.



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