LeClaire Manufacturing has been in business since 1966 as a family owned and operated Sand and Permanent mold aluminum casting supplier.


Under the leadership of the current presidents (both Zimmermans), significant investments in the company have allowed LeClaire Manufacturing to stay well ahead of the pace and ensured that aluminum will continue to be part of the family history for years to come. Contact us to see what our extensive experience can do for you.

About Us

In addition to aluminum castings we offer value added services such as engineering and building tooling, heat treating, core making, real time x-raying, impregnating, anodizing, machining, and painting. Our equipment, technology and processes continue to grow; we see endless possibilities in the future of aluminum casting solutions.

LeClaire Manufacturing is just the present chapter in a remarkable history of the Zimmerman family. Metals have been the foundation of the family business dating back to the 1890’s. That is when Wm. C. F. Zimmerman introduced the Mighty Monarch Stump Puller – a grey iron casting. Growth was rapid and in 1915 the family built a new “modern” steel foundry in Bettendorf, Iowa. Immediately the Zimmerman Steel Casting Co. began building a reputation for high quality castings.

This reputation was recognized by the U.S. government as preparations were being made for entry into World War II. The Zimmerman Steel Casting Co. became a major defense contractor and winner of the prestigious E Award, for outstanding contributions to the World War II manufacturing efforts. Although the family sold the Bettendorf foundry after the war, Robert Zimmerman, just out of engineering school at Iowa State University, continued the metals business tradition by introducing aluminum to the family history. He purchased LeClaire Manufacturing in 1966 and the company has been in the growth mode ever since. Today, we supply high quality aluminum castings to customers world-wide.

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